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Hi guys, I thought I’d make a post reviewing a product I had heard about on an online dog forum I sometimes hang around in (too much spare time I guess!) But the main reason I’m doing this is to help you decide whether this might or might not benefit you with your Rottweiler Training. So I thought I’d buy it and see how I get along with it, if you’d like to check it out for yourself you can Click Here.

Sales Page
I’ll just dive right in an start by sharing what I thought of the initial sales page. I’ve bought products online before (not many about dog training though) and I’m usually really put off with big pushy sales pages. But I didn’t really get that feeling with The Online Dog Trainer, it seems quite nicely laid out and professional looking. Also it states that it’s SPCA endorsed at the top, which I thought was a nice little touch.


It also contains a section showing what problems the course tackles.



Inside The Members Area
After I purchased the course, I logged into the members area and the home page seemed a bit too much of an information overload to be honest. There are lots of topics and categories to choose from along the top and the side, so I felt a bit lost at first. However once I calmed down, there is a big video in the middle telling you to ‘Watch This First’ and it promptly explains the layout of the site and where to start.


The Pack Leader
In the homepage video, Dan really hammers home the point that you should focus on becoming the pack leader of your dog or dogs first, before trying out any of the other sections to just treat the symptoms. He stresses that it is much more effective to treat the cause of your dogs behavior rather than just the symptom. Click here to visit The Online Dog Trainer Site

You can treat the cause by first becoming the pack leader, then he states that the symptoms of unwanted behavior will disappear on their own or be much easier to treat.

So as advised, I started in the pack leader section where Dan talks about The 5 Golden Rules. These seem to be the 5 rules he teaches to assert yourself as the pack leader. I was already aware of some of the stuff in here, having grown up breeding dogs. But the videos were very informative and laid out really well. He typically has a theory video for each rule and also a video showing the rule in practice.


I also found that his accent helps keep your attention on the video! (New Zealand I believe.)

There are lots of topics to get started with, once you have become that pack leader! So choose whichever one you would like to start with.

Everyday Tools And Techniques
These are the links on the sidebar which confused me at first. I was wondering why these were separate from the topics, but it became apparent that these were a set of techniques you can use to calm your dog down and make them listen to you. I must admit, I did learn a trick or 2 from this section definitely.


Project Moses
One last thing I’d like to mention about The Online Dog Trainer Course is the ‘Project Moses’ section. Dispite what you may think, this is not a top secret religious government program. It’s actually a live action ‘case study’ of Dan’s puppy called Moses which he documents growing up. Along the way you see all the various tricks and techniques Dan is teaching Moses from 8 weeks to 8 months old. He also tackles common problems along the road to adulthood, all whilst documenting it on video for you to see.

If you think the course might benefit your Rottweiler Training – Click here to see the product

Training Rottweilers – Some Easy Tricks To Teach

If you are looking for some tricks to include in your Rottweiler puppy training then I have included some below to get you started. You can also teach these to your fully grown Rottweiler however as you probably know, it’s easier to teach a younger dog. But you absolutely can teach an old dog new tricks!

The Classic Handshake (And Sit)
This is a great trick to start off with, this is because it incorporates what I talked about in the 4 Little Rottweiler Training Tips page of the site. You will need to have already taught your Rottweiler how to sit, this is itself may take some time. But just position the dog in the sit position whilst saying “sit” (sounds obvious I know.) But make sure to give the dog lots of positive reinforcement when performed correctly. Make sure you don’t vary the sit command by changing it to “sit down” or something similar, keep it very consistent. Keep repeating this process and eventually your Rottweiler will position himself to sit with just the verbal command and without you having to physically move them.

Ok, now that this has been achieved we can move onto the handshake. Once your dog is sitting down, pick up their paw and put it in your hand whilst saying “paw” (or whichever word you would like to use) and as before, it’s very important to keep using the same word. Try this a few times whilst you are physically putting the paw in your hand, then try just saying paw and seeing how your dog reacts. If they move their own paw into your hand then thats great! Make sure to give the dog lots of affection and positive reinforcement because this really lets them know that they’ve done a good job. If they haven’t gotten the hang of it yet then that’s fine, keep trying whilst physically moving the paw yourself and eventually they will.

For some, this may seem like common sense when training Rottweilers but I am just trying to stress the importance of verbal consistency. Once you have learnt this, you can apply these techniques to almost any trick you want when training a Rottweiler.

Below I have included a good video I found on YouTube showing basic obedience training in action

Rottweiler Training – Why I Set Up This Website

Hi guys, I’m Jason and I just thought I’d write a quick post explaining why I set up the Rottweiler Training website.

If you have already read the About Me section of this site, you will know that I spent most of my life raising and training Rottweiler puppies. And as you probably all know, training a Rottweiler (or any breed of dog for that matter) can sometimes be tricky!

But if you approach the situation with the right mentality and enough patience, I feel it becomes much more of an enjoyment than a chore. I particularly enjoy training a Rottweiler over other breeds of dog because unfortunately in recent years they have been getting a lot of negative attention in the media as being very aggressive and uncontrollable animals.

This really annoys me because I know that these dogs can be just as friendly and affectionate as any other breed when given a proper and loving upbringing. It’s the owners behaviour that greatly influences a dog’s personality so this is also another important reason to consider correct Rottweiler training and care.

All in all, I have set up the site because I often get friends asking me If I have any Rottweiler training tips I can share with them. ThisĀ  gave me the idea of setting up the site so I would hopefully be able to help other people discover useful tips and tricks in regards to how to train your Rottweiler.