4 Little Rottweiler Training Tips

Train Them Young! But Short And Sweet….
I usually recommend training most breeds of dog at about 6 months old however I think it’s important to start Rottweiler puppy training at around 3 months. This basically is to keep them on the straight and narrow from the get go! Rottweilers are inherently aggressive, so its imperative to discourage any unwanted or aggressive behavior from as early as possible. But be aware that although Rottweilers are highly intelligent, they don’t have lengthy attention spans so keep training sessions to between 10-20 minutes long.

Your Rottweiler Want’s To Mingle and Make Friends!
It’s a good idea to introduce your Rottweiler to other dogs at an early age, the main reason for this is your Rottweiler is likely to become aggressive towards strange dogs if they are not accustomed to meeting new dogs. However if you introduce them to new dogs from a young age, they are much less likely to become aggressive in these situations as they grow older.

Don’t Encourage Aggression
As I have mentioned already, Rottweilers are naturally aggressive dogs. So it is important not to play fight with your Rottweiler as it is growing up because this will encourage that natural instinct. Treat your dog how you would like him to treat you in return.

Be Consistent With Verbal Commands
This applies to all breeds of dog, not just Rottweilers. However, I do like to make a point of this because people sometimes blame the short attention span for the lack of progress when training a Rottweiler. Your dog (whichever breed) is not fluent in English or any other spoken language. So to us humans, commands like “Stay” or “Stay there” might sound like the same thing, but dogs will interpret them as completely different things. Because of this, it’s really important to always use the same words when teaching a command during your Rottweiler dog training.

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