About me

Hi there, thanks for checking out my site!

I have been a dog lover as long as I can remember but I have a particular fondness for Rottweilers I must admit. Especially because we all know there is a bad stigma surrounding the breed which is very unfortunate. As I am sure any Rottweiler owner would know, they can be just as playful and affectionate as any other breed.

Growing up I was always surrounded by dogs of all breeds (being that my parents were dog breeders!) And one of the things I loved doing was helping to train the dogs, this included housebreaking, obedience training and teaching them tricks. This also included training Rottweilers of course!

So I decided to set up this blog to help other dog owners discover Rottweiler training tips and just make it easier for you to learn how to train your Rottweiler