Rottweiler Training – Why I Set Up This Website

Hi guys, I’m Jason and I just thought I’d write a quick post explaining why I set up the Rottweiler Training website.

If you have already read the About Me section of this site, you will know that I spent most of my life raising and training Rottweiler puppies. And as you probably all know, training a Rottweiler (or any breed of dog for that matter) can sometimes be tricky!

But if you approach the situation with the right mentality and enough patience, I feel it becomes much more of an enjoyment than a chore. I particularly enjoy training a Rottweiler over other breeds of dog because unfortunately in recent years they have been getting a lot of negative attention in the media as being very aggressive and uncontrollable animals.

This really annoys me because I know that these dogs can be just as friendly and affectionate as any other breed when given a proper and loving upbringing. It’s the owners behaviour that greatly influences a dog’s personality so this is also another important reason to consider correct Rottweiler training and care.

All in all, I have set up the site because I often get friends asking me If I have any Rottweiler training tips I can share with them. This  gave me the idea of setting up the site so I would hopefully be able to help other people discover useful tips and tricks in regards to how to train your Rottweiler.