Rottweilers – the features of the breed and their training

Rottweiler, the already mentioning about this breed and its representatives on many of us creates a serious impression. But is it really that the representatives of this breed are so dangerous and are they unruly fight dogs? Moreover, what are the characteristics of their training? Now we will find out.

So, who are the Rottweilers?

The ancestors of the Rottweilers were fighting dogs of Roman legionaries. Once they have come to the territory of Germany and have crossed with the local dogs, they became the ancestors of this breed.

The Rottweilers received their name from the ancient German town of Rottweil, where in the Middle Ages there was a significant center of cattle breeding and meat trade, and this breed was very popular with local butchers.

In the early 20th century, when the question of the selecting dogs for the police service had arisen in Germany, the Rottweiler had successfully passed this selection and was recognized as the universal service dog.

A good Rottweiler is looking terrible, but the rumor of his aggressive temper is for sure, most likely a myth, and not a fact, because the dogs of this breed are devoted to their owner and family. They are smart, well suited to the training, have excellent protective qualities. However, while considering the specifics of this breed, the future owners need to know how accurately to organize the Rottweiler education to grow an obedient and submissive dog.

The question is how to train and where to start the training of this dog? We, after all, want an obedient friend and not a cheerful and at the same time an uncontrollable dog.

It should be noted right away that the representatives of this breed, in spite of all the attachment, respect and love for all the family members, choose only one owner or “leader” from the first days of their appearance in the house. It is with him that the dog has a subtle emotional contact, psychological relationships, so you can confidently say that the Rottweiler is a breed of one owner. But it is also worth noting that the man who is the owner of the Rottweiler must have the authority in the eyes of a dog. For obtaining complete obedience and unquestioning performance of the commands person should not only be patient, confident in his abilities, persevering by his nature. For educating the Rottweiler correctly, in addition to the patience, it is necessary to be persistent and resolute, as the dogs have a somewhat capricious and even to say stubborn disposition that manifests itself in animals of this breed at an early age.

It is the most important thing – a dog of this breed chooses his owner, but, despite this, loves his whole family and devotionally cares for her.

For the ensuring that the puppy’s naughtiness and his various pranks will not be his habit, it is necessary from the very first days of the puppy’s appearance in your home to instill in him the right skills and the basics of the obedience and immediately to direct the dog’s actions in the right direction. Any bad habits like grabbing hands, manifesting aggression towards other animals or family members, ignoring commands, disobeying during walks, you are to react right away for correcting this behavior and instill other qualities. Immediately it is worth noting that to beat or hysterically to yell at the dog is unacceptable. The puppy’s psyche is emotionally unstable, and this attitude can embitter or vice versa greatly intimidate the dog, which will lead to the fact that the education of the Rottweiler will go the wrong way.

The second point – screaming at your dog or puppy will not be able to help you in the correcting of his behavior and only with the help of a professional trainer who will show you the individual exercises it can be more effective

The most basic rule, which must be remembered by the owners of the Rottweiler – do not allow the dog to do what will be forbidden for her in adulthood! Be patient and persistent, achieve the task. If the puppy in your absence or on a walk made a mistake, call the dog to repeat the exercise, fix the dog’s proper behavior by giving a treat or caressing, let the pet know that you are unhappy with specific response, but you encourage when he performs the command and acts according to your rules. With the right approach, the Rottweilers, are manageable, correctly distinguishing the intonation and try to please their beloved master, so do not forget to encourage and praise the dog for the rightly executed command or obedience.

The owners of the Rottweiler dogs should be prepared for a long and systematic process of training. In addition to the proper education, it is vital to know how to organize and how the Rottweiler training takes place. The learning of the first commands can start already at the age of 2-2.5 months. The first lessons should be short and only after the puppy learns his nickname and fully adapts to new conditions. You have to train the Rottweiler without fail, and if you do not have enough experience or are not sure of your abilities, ask for help from the professional dog trainers who will help to properly organize the upbringing process, and they will take you for training and, according to all the rules of training, you will pass the training stages from the first level to the highest, how to train a Rottweiler.

And we, the Royal Dog Academy company, will be happy to help you with this.