Training Rottweilers – Some Easy Tricks To Teach

If you are looking for some tricks to include in your Rottweiler puppy training then I have included some below to get you started. You can also teach these to your fully grown Rottweiler however as you probably know, it’s easier to teach a younger dog. But you absolutely can teach an old dog new tricks!

The Classic Handshake (And Sit)
This is a great trick to start off with, this is because it incorporates what I talked about in the 4 Little Rottweiler Training Tips page of the site. You will need to have already taught your Rottweiler how to sit, this is itself may take some time. But just position the dog in the sit position whilst saying “sit” (sounds obvious I know.) But make sure to give the dog lots of positive reinforcement when performed correctly. Make sure you don’t vary the sit command by changing it to “sit down” or something similar, keep it very consistent. Keep repeating this process and eventually your Rottweiler will position himself to sit with just the verbal command and without you having to physically move them.

Ok, now that this has been achieved we can move onto the handshake. Once your dog is sitting down, pick up their paw and put it in your hand whilst saying “paw” (or whichever word you would like to use) and as before, it’s very important to keep using the same word. Try this a few times whilst you are physically putting the paw in your hand, then try just saying paw and seeing how your dog reacts. If they move their own paw into your hand then thats great! Make sure to give the dog lots of affection and positive reinforcement because this really lets them know that they’ve done a good job. If they haven’t gotten the hang of it yet then that’s fine, keep trying whilst physically moving the paw yourself and eventually they will.

For some, this may seem like common sense when training Rottweilers but I am just trying to stress the importance of verbal consistency. Once you have learnt this, you can apply these techniques to almost any trick you want when training a Rottweiler.

Below I have included a good video I found on YouTube showing basic obedience training in action